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Stephen Curry and Chesa Boudin - Mirror Opposites of What’s Missing and What’s Possible for San Francisco • Ethnic Media Services • Published on June 21, 2022
Just as the ousted DA Chesa Boudin came to symbolize all that’s wrong with San Francisco, the basketball star Stephen Curry now signifies all that’s remarkable about it.

Boom in Tech Support Fraud Targets Older Adults • Next Avenue • Published on June 20, 2022
Unsolicited calls offering to fix nonexistent computer problems cheat people of millions of dollars

Alito Opinion Could Usher in New Jane Crow Era • Ethnic Media Services • Published on May 5, 2022
The draft challenges privacy rights that extend beyond abortion

Who Lives, Who Loves, Who Tells Our Stories? • India Currents • Published on April 26, 2022   
At a time when ethnic media entities are slowly being strangled out of business or gravely imperiled, India Currents continues to push forward in its bid to tell stories of equity...

Perspective: How The Oscars Slap Sidelined ‘Writing with Fire,’ a Film About an All-Women News Team • The San Francisco Standard • Published Mar 30, 2022
For the first time in its history, an Indian film was up for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Perspective: How California Could Become a Refuge for Reproductive Rights • The San Francisco Standard • Published Mar 11, 2022
The reproductive-rights landscape is a farrago of opinions split across cultural, political and religious beliefs. At the center of it all is the definition of the word “life.”

How do we persuade elders who experience abuse to seek help? • The San Francisco Examiner • Published on January 21, 2022
Break down barriers of mistrust, say experts

Why are Asian women the target of xenophobia? • The San Francisco Examiner • Published on January 6, 2022
Local leaders and law enforcement must tackle the shadow pandemic of hate

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